Periodontal Therapy

Periodontal disease (also known as gum disease) is one of the most common health conditions in the world, affecting nearly 75% of the population in the USA alone. Many of these patients don’t even realize they’re included in that percentage because the symptoms can be incredibly mild at first, eventually paving way for destructive consequences like tooth loss. Here in West Hollywood, Dr. Oshin’s goal is to diagnose and treat periodontal disease as early as possible so patients get back to enjoying their beautiful, healthy smile right away.

Our team is dedicated to providing quality treatment in a comfortable, spa-like environment where everyone feels genuinely relaxed and well taken care of. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment! We welcome patients from Beverly Hills, The Valley, and beyond.

Do I have periodontal disease?

Here are some common symptoms that patients can look for at home:

  • Red or swollen gums
  • Gums that bleed when flossing or brushing teeth
  • Excessive bad breath
  • A sudden change in the way your bite fits together
  • Teeth that appear longer over time

If Dr. Oshin determines you’re suffering from periodontal disease after an evaluation, our recommendations for treatment depend on the severity of your condition. A more diligent homecare routine with quality hygiene products may be enough to reverse any ill effects in the early stages, while more moderate cases require an in-depth cleaning known as scaling and root planing, as well as antibiotic therapy. Our team may also suggest treatment with our state-of-the-art soft tissue laser.

Soft Tissue Laser Treatment

Our team is fully dedicated to your comfort in West Hollywood, which is why Dr. Oshin has invested in advanced tools like our soft tissue laser. This revolutionary technique eliminates bacteria and removes diseased gum tissue with more accuracy than ever before – the treatment even promotes the regeneration and reattachment of healthy tissue! Additionally, the affected area is immediately sterilized, and bleeding is minimized to the point that many patients don’t even need sutures. Dr. Oshin may also use a soft tissue laser for more cosmetic-minded procedures like crown lengthening and gum recontouring.

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